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The Ammarin Bedouin camp is a spiritually, historically, ecologically oriented Bedouin camp in Beidha, just 10 Km north of Petra Archeological Reserve and 200 m from Little Petra (Siq Albarid).

It lies in a soft sandy enclave of 20 square km (Wadi Al-Amti), surrounded by amphitheatre-shaped rocks, like a hidden jem still untouched by mass tourism.

It is run by the local Bedouin Ammarin tribe.

In fact the camp has been set up by the local community of Beidha (represented by the forward-thinking Beidha Tourist and Archeological Cooperative) with the aim to nurture Bedouin culture and provide the Ammarin tribe with sustainable income from the camp. Since then, it has proved to be vital for the sustainability of the local community development and preservation of Bedouin culture and natural environment.

In addition to camp staff, women and men of Beidha’s village are engaged in cooking traditional meals for sleeping and non-sleeping guests, guiding hikers, escorting guests or showing some cultural identity aspects as an additional way to keep it alive.

After all for the Ammarins hospitality it in not just a job: it is a way of life!

That is why you can experience with us the traditional Bedouin lifestyle without losing out on the comfort of a hot shower, real beds, clean bedding and electricity.

Sleeping in a goat -hair tent, sipping sweet tea around a campfire with some traditional background music, enjoying traditional conviviality in the common tent or feeling the magic of one of the oldest place of human history while hanging out outdoors, will give you thrills a hotel can’t. It’s like taking a sip of Bedouin freedom!

Choose among the various hikes we organise for our guests on foot, camel or horseback, actively approach Bedouin culture or simply de-stress and take pleasure in nature, silence and the infinite starry sky.

Whatever your holiday idea, the Ammarin Bedouin camp will offer you the value of authenticity and a sense of satisfaction for your conscious and ethical stay choice.

This land is our home: you can come any time.

We are open all year round 24 hours a day.

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