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If you long for authenticity, the alluring and homely atmosphere of the Ammarin Bedouin Camp is what you are looking for!

It doesn’t matter if you are a museum addict or adventure holiday lover or a worn-out person seeking for some ease: the Ammarin camp fulfils all the options.

However you decide to spend your stay, you will immerse yourself in the intriguing world of desert dwellers, travel back in time and find yourself transformed as after any real discovery voyage.


Discover the thousand-year old Bedouin culture, by taking part in some Bedouin everyday activities (click here to see the list) such as bread baking, Kohl production or the fascinating coffee ritual.
Bedouins are also great storytellers and musicians: get familiar with our traditional instruments (such as  Rababa and Shabbabeh) and enjoy songs and dance of our folklore. 

For more information about approaching Bedouin traditions please  send us an email to


Learn something more about Bedouin people, traditions and history by visiting the little ethno-botanic  permanent exhibition. Entry is free.


Come hike with us throughout the entire area of Petra and Beidha/Little Petra.

If you are fond of history, archeology or religion, you have plenty of trails to hike: Petra, the archeological site of Little Petra, the Beidha’s Neolithic village and Haroon’s tomb (Moses’s brother) shouldn’t be missed.  


If you are nature enthusiast instead, we have trails that will lead you to the discovery of desert wildlife. Our Reserve is  home to such rare species (the Nubian Ibex, the honey badger and the desert gazelle, just to name a few) and trees such as as junipers, carobs and pistachios. It also attracts many birds including eagles, buzzards, falcons, sunbirds, bee-eaters and finches. 


Our hiking are of different length and all difficulty levels: easy-moderate- difficult.

All hikers are accompanied by a local Ammarin escort from the camp and back to the camp.

For more information please send us an email to

Camel Caravans

Be part of a camel caravan and experience travelling in true Bedouin style. Head up the mountains to  the old Ammarin village of Um Baiben or to Jabal Haroon (with Aaron’s Tomb). 

Adventure along the century- old  Frankincense Route to Wadi Araba, marvelling at breathtaking beauty of desert landscape and the remains of ancient copper mines.     
Different lengths of travel are available, All caravans are accompanied by a local Ammarin escort from the camp and back to the camp.

For more information please send us an email to

Horse trekking

Do horse trekking around Beidha area and discover surprising desert landscape by wandering on horseback  through carobs, oak forests and juniper, acacia, pistachio trees.

All trekkings are accompanied by a local Ammarin escort from the camp and back to the camp.

For more information please send us an email to

Enjoy evocative outdoors

At the Ammarin Bedouin camp also the outdoors is worth beeing relished.
Choose the spot you like most and just relax in the shade or take a nap. 
Perceive the mystical vibe of rocks and sand holding a history going back to the root of humankind. 
That’s why the camp is also a perfect location for Yoga retreats. However, also work retreats may give your team a boost with the Ammarin hospitality and such an inspiring atmosphere.

Day trips by car

Visit nearby locations while staying at the camp by hiring a licensed local Ammarin driver from the camp and back to the camp, from ½ day to all day.

The high sand dunes of Wadi Araba desert valley, Shobak castle (one of the most atmosperic Crusader castle in Jordan), the  amazing Wadi Rum Desert, the Ottoman-era Dana Village in Dana Biosphere Reserve, the Dead Sea and Aqaba for some snorkeling are just a few of Jordan's wonders.

For more information please send us an email to

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