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Accommodation & Food

Children are welcome!

Please Note: the system is NOT able to automatically calculate the half price for children from 4 to 11 y.o.

​So, please send us an email by specifying the age of your children and we will be able to tell you the right total price.

We don’t have cribs and there is no capacity for extra beds but 3 bed, 4 bed and 5 bed tents are available

Kids  under 0-3 stay free of charge when sharing their parents' beds
Children from 4 to 11 are  charged half the price (and have their own beds): 13 JD per person (dinner and breakfast included) OR 8 JD (B&B Basis) OR 5,5 JD per person (NO meals included)

A “kid” is 3 years and under.  

A "child" is 4-11 yrs 

12 yrs and older is an "adult

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